KLM saves a lot of time by using the services of a virtual colleague named “Hanna”. She is currently busy processing all Voluntary Resignation Scheme applications and making indicative calculations. Hanna is an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) robot, an automated process.

Since the Voluntary Resignation Scheme (VRS) was introduced on June 1, HR has been very busy. That is why KLM Digital Studio has developed “Hanna”. The RPA team came up with a software solution that does exactly what a real employee can do, only much faster and without getting tired or making mistakes. She logs in and works with all the necessary HR applications, just like a real employee would.

As soon as she receives a request to make an indicative VRS calculation or if someone applies for the VRS, Hanna retrieves the relevant information from the various HR systems. She then makes a calculation and sends the information to the applicant by email. If necessary, she registers the KLM colleague for a follow-up.

RPA hanna

Lightning fast

Virtual employees such as Hanna are used everywhere within KLM. The big advantage is that they can be built very quickly. It took only two weeks to build Hanna. This makes her by far the fastest built virtual employee.

Another advantage is that KLM staff receive a quick response to their request. HR employees can now focus on activities in which the human factor plays an important role, while leaving the time-consuming, manual tasks to Hanna.

Why Hanna is so helpful

Hanna has already done a lot of work. A few facts about this highly qualified employee:

  1. On the second day after the introduction of the VRS, Hanna had already processed more than 1,000 requests, which is equivalent to 130 working hours by an HR employee.
  2. Hanna can process 1,300 requests per day.
  3. Hanna saves 8 minutes for every request.
  4. It is very easy to make a “twin sister” for Hanna so that they can handle twice the amount of work together.
  5. Hanna is named after the grandmother of one of the developers.
  6. Hanna’s avatar (picture) was also conceived and designed by one of the developers.

“We are very happy that we were able to help HR by developing Hanna. It shows that we can create great solutions for KLM with good teamwork and dedication, even during this corona crisis,” says Hans Draisma, product owner of the RPA team ‘The Humanizers’ at KLM Digital Studio.