In this corona crisis, many KLM staff are creative and inventive. All kinds of good ideas arise. For example, a Learning Movement has started at KLM Digital Studio. Within this learning community, highly educated experts coach their KLM colleagues in a specific field. The participants expand their basic knowledge of different areas, while they are also specialists in their own field.

The departure of external specialists created a need to learn more for the SkAI Pirates team (AI, Artificial Intelligence team). The team members did not have all the technical skills but did have the motivation and time. The team also saw colleagues in the same situation. This was a great opportunity to work on a T-shaped organization where employees have a broad basic knowledge in addition to in-depth knowledge of one or more specialties.

Better cooperation

Billur Tanrıverdi Taşkan, business analyst explains: “Although we each have our own specialization and primary role, T-shaped means going a step further by developing other skills and thus laying the foundation for even better collaboration and to be able to help others. This collaboration and help reduces the limitations of only one person who can do the job. The Learning Movement works as the KLM Digital Studio always works, namely by experimenting together and thus shaping the product. ”

Three hot technology topics were chosen for the first experiment in mid-April: Data Science, Data Analytics and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Development. Now, the Agile track has also been added. What started with a small group of participants has now grown into a group of up to 75 people from various KLM departments such as Passenger Operations, Flight Operations, Cargo and Commercial. Each with his or her own background: from product owner or analyst to developer or designer. Currently, 23 students participate in the Data Science track, 23 students in Data Analytics, 16 students in RPA and 12 students in the Agile track.

Kick-off learning movement and participants

Theory and practice

The ‘learning journey’ is now in the phase of theoretical knowledge. For this, the students use free e-learning materials such as Coursera, UiPath and Google Analytics. Experts provide support with Q&A sessions, inspiration sessions and by keeping the mood in it. For all community assignments, there is Microsoft Teams. After completing the theory, the participants get to work to gain practical experience and apply the newly acquired knowledge within KLM context in the form of a hackathon or the creation of Proof or Concepts (POCs).

Billur: “We’re only halfway there, but already proud to see how eager our colleagues are to learn and develop skills to become T-shaped, whereby our people get educated to continue our projects! Finally, we would like to thank our experts who own the initiative as much as we do! ”