Thanks to the voluntary efforts of KLM colleagues, a lot of work has been done at the Digital Studio, via Loket Blauwe Inzet, KLM’s temporary work desk. In the future, trip reports and safety reports can be processed faster, and classified in the correct category. In a short period of time, more than 60 colleagues have helped to improve the process.

The request on April 8 from Loket Blauwe Inzet generated reactions from all divisions of the company: from Inflight Services and Flight Operations to Cargo, Baggage Services, E&M and HR. All these reactions came from enthusiastic KLM colleagues who are eager to help. Although everyone works from home, there is close contact through Microsoft Teams. Every day there is a Q&A meeting and one can stay in touch all day long via chat.

Artificial intelligence

The colleagues support the Natural Language Processing team of the Digital Studio. This team is working on models that are based on artificial intelligence (AI) and will make the reporting process easier. The model can automatically assign the correct label or the correct category to, for example, trip reports and safety reports. The volunteers viewed all types of reports from their KLM iPad or laptop and classified them by subject: is it a compliment or a complaint, what kind of meal is involved, etc. Based on their classification, the AI ​​model is further trained and used to classify a large number of other reports.“It is amazing to see how much work has been done in such a short time. We appreciate all the help, everyone is doing great! We would like to thank you for the enthusiasm, willingness and all the hard work in this exceptional period”, says Elles Hoek on behalf of the NLP Team, which also consists of Linda van Hoorn, Hosein Azarbonyad, Man-Ho Lau, Billur Tanriverdi and Vincent Baas. An additional advantage is that there are many reactions, especially from crew. They indicate that they feel that this work will significantly improve the reporting process.


NLP TeamFor the volunteers too, this work is very important; it gives them a sense of added value. As one of the employees puts it: “I enjoy being part of KLM again, instead of sitting at home without any work. While I was working on the contents of the trip reports, I had the feeling that I was flying again.”Would you like to know more about the Loket Blauwe Inzet or sign up immediately? Go to MyKLM and read the frequently asked questions or have a look at the temporary job offers.